Three figuresThe green doorPorto PedoccoMetaphysical viewsThe end of the sea and other storiesAccess deniedFrom the GiudeccaAlienThe treeEnigmatographySicilyAlone on the platformA sunsetAfter the fightFallUnattainableDreamlandVisionA ship in black seaIf the moon had waterThe lone treeBranches and leafRocks, clouds and grassWhen the giants wake upI'm only waiting till the morning comesRainbow over MondevalHer world (Erto #3)Angel in gym shoesThe black lakeWalking between stones and cloudsIn front of H.M. the CivettaThe secret little icy lakeFrom the topA special placeBrent de l'Art #1Being like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldPursued by an odd presageFloating on a golden seaOn the hillAloneHabitual journeyThe bike and the seaBlood of May / Red solitudeThe safety in the fogSolitudeRowing in solitudeThe magic kingdom of the mistThe homecomingSkatingLost in an other VeniceNobody at the parkTown with no cheer JuneA presenceOld livesEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-North