CinemaSicilyDevotionToday's mythsSuperimposed reflectionsBallaròConversation under the cloudsOpenRannoch MoorArmstrongThe old man of StorrLe restaurateurIn shadesThe booksellerGreen and blue (and yellow)Street loveNocturneLa vie est belleAfter the celebrationLes gardiansA world in her eyesMandala manCanal Saint-MartinThe artist's lunchThree figuresThe ex-voto painterLightningFlyingLast sun on Rocca CalascioMomentsDazingOrange (and yellow and green)MInimal BuranoThrough the bubblesThe Sheep Heid Inn. Duddingston, EdinburghJoey DLifeClouds and dreamsIncantationTwo menJogarCalifornia dreamingThe fightAmerica is waitingRunning away from myselfAt the end of the partyBellevilleColoursThere will be no miracles hereOverlaysOn the other sideLa Parisienne (n.2)La Parisienne (n.1)Easy sunsetGoing to schoolSummerLove with prideEntering in lightDown the stairs of the MourariaA gentlemanThrough the fenceGo aheadBad newsThe last rideCobblestone streetThe green doorAt the pierAt the beginning of any morningEmpty gamesTime stratificationsLooking insideAutumnSummer endA dizzy trumpet playerThe touristsThe boy and the hatPorto PedoccoReservoir Dogs in MateraZilch liveMan with hatVoid around meLevelsFour doorsDialogueBecause the night...An exitYellow and blueCarnival 2017Danubio azulWinterMetaphysical viewsThe embroidererGoing downstairIce cream loversThe end of the sea and other stories"Toda una vida"Double skyAccess deniedFlamesThe shrubSilent screamThe touristMais amor por favorIn a magical petrified realmStones and cloudsAnglesNightly enchantmentFew minutes before the desirePetrified soundFrom the GiudeccaMoonrise over Pale di San MartinoConversation in TennoSalty sunset (2)TrapaniYet another day without youLadiesPrayingShiftingChildren and the dolphinBeauty in your eyesDon't runPlatform 12Theme with variationsStationsAlienDeprivation"Give me your eyes"San Parisio's moodWhite and blueCrowdThree tonesHypnoticThe melody at night, with youThe treeThe pathSuddenlyFive minutesLights of LubeniceEt voilà!"Venite"Mordor moodConversation in vico Canneto il lungoYellowSteps in the seaWhen the evening fallsEnigmatographyNext stop: the butcherBackground noiseSalty sunsetEriceShadows compositionSicilyFirst of MayMomentsHome sweet homeFlying heartIn the sunsetAsolo sweetnessWinter beachAscensor da BicaAlone on the platformWhen a lovestory endsBocklin's moodIn chadoFortress in the fogNew dawnLady with peppersFog and manorA sunsetLiving stonesTotem poleLisbon story #1Light of LisboaAfter the fightThe man with the umbrellaShapes of lifeFallBeyond other (infinite) seasHere we areHigh above the valleyLosing in myselfMagic city, magic lightTurin reflectionsA quite placeAliensDream all the dreams you can dreamUnattainableIndustrial zenStone flamesOrangeUnder the sunPenitenziagiteThe red umbrellaPonte SistoSignalsSelf portraitConversationTwoEvanescentConvolutionsColours insideVenice Carnival 2014Winter morningLooking for the lightBlindAlong the Madre de DiosVoidSweetnessFrom behind the windowFog in the canalOn your wayDreamed shipCross and churchBedVenetian externalThe bakerIn eight minutesGlanceDreamlandLooking outside #2Looking outsideFog and luminous pathsVisionA ship in black seaFalling into infinityMood indigoWorryTruman's escapeLiving in light #2If the moon had waterWood, water and stonesA new dawn is comingMoon and towerLiving in lightThe revenge of boredomShynessHeart of glassVenetian interiorThe sentinelThe lone treeA fire in the forestStars and stripesRevolutionAwakening in redBranches and leafVenice and her maskFriendshipSpiderSnakeGoldRocks, clouds and grassPursuing starsWhen the giants wake upWhen the giants sleepPost nuclear skyThe construction of lightI'm only waiting till the morning comesSunnyWhere Pelmo goes to sleepRainbow over MondevalBasket insideSratchesA window on the blueHer world (Erto #3)From the darkPlanetsGimme shelterBefore the fightAngel in gym shoesFlaming blueFish visionThe fightersIridiumThe black lakeSome kind of flowersSmilingOn the frosty lakeA storm is comingDawn toward Monte CristalloPortrait in red, black and whiteA house where nobody livesThe sun among the peaksHellish visionAnother day in paradiseWelcome in my little green worldPassing byWalking between stones and cloudsIn front of H.M. the CivettaDouble realityThe secret little icy lakeCadini di MisurinaIn the kingdom of FanesSunrise at Alpe di FanesHomage to Mario GiacomelliBurano movingPlaying with passionFollowing the trail to homeThe lady and the candlestickOver a reflected worldLandingplace to the blueDouble silenceChurch reflectionThe smiling onionErto #2ErtoAgeAlvin's smashAnother Venetian beautiesVenetian beautyNos-rorDuality"Acqua alta" bookstoreGlancesThe autumn in VeniceFoggy dawn in TuscaniaEating cloudsLooking through the eyes of a maskA starry night over Monte Pelmo #2A starry night over Monte PelmoOnly a simple sunsetWavePrimaryCiao :-)4 + 4The immobile momentTiesWater and snowI'll be your mirrorPiereto and his worldInside the windowWithin the realm of a dying sunThe sunbeam gameOne minute after darkBrent de l'Art #3 (in autumn)Walking in red and blueInterrupted conversationsAmerican dreamIndustrial zenOn timeBarcolana in the sunsetThe bike and the shipUrban nightmareFrom the topSaturday readerLeaving TriesteLanding on a coloured planetClosedGods' mirrorA special placeLiving slowlyCascadeGhostsDriving your dreamsMiaowwEndless waves Tone on toneBrent de l'Art #2Fly me to the moonXLooking in his reflectionBrent de l'Art #1SaraMinimal blueNumber 49Sassolungo di CibianaTotemFriendshipOld stepsWhen the music turns aroundDiagonalRose of libertySymbolsEncountersHer eyesThree shadowsQuietnessWhite on yellowGlamorous fuchsiaFog in the sunsetIt's for you, my dearComplicityBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldOutlinesThe last maskTwinsNicoleColours in winterThe sound of our voidPursued by an odd presageNo wind among the trees #2No wind among the treesSoul jailWindow and treeThinking about past and next stormsHigh over the valleySheratonFisherman's reposeRiver in the snowSexy snowIt's only the seaStill lifeWhen the moon passes behind the treesFloating on a golden seaIn the magic of the forestThe angel and the boatVajontAfter the fireSeven blue boatsIn the branchesStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Without a precise referenceFramed bridgeWalking among the archesAutumn coloursLiving in the skyLove bugsLabyrinth of shadesSmileVia della lunaArt and emptinessRed, orange and blueRed in the streetNight in front of St. GiorgioWatch me but don't touch meUnder the stars of jazzChapeau, monsieur ConteFollow meThe pirates of the coastCommon relativityThe wind sang to me its songFishing cabinMood indigoThe queen of fadoHe plays with all his fireThe bird and the netsA broken lifeYellowWalking behind the mirrorWaiting for summerInside the cloudsBeehiveSome secret corners2 x 5JazzyVibrationsFreely flyingThe sky over my townLike graphic signsTaking a healthy breath of air πάντα ῥεῖEyesKatharina's tulipsIn her own deep secretWreackageFishing nets #2Nobody comes here to keep us company *A safe harbourThe gentle side of lifeDawn of springAirOn the hillDouble lightOld woodDilutionAloneMoon & JupiterThe mask and the mirrorNothing around themOld stony cornerLife under iceAnother four leavesAbstract time...Stones and iron (and a little piece of sky)Open Sesame!No fishingThe end of civilizationRaise up your eyesPink in the streetThree green doors and one black carLost routeGiant's gapSnow and waterSilenceLights of festivityWhat are they looking at?Autumnal lacesPower spotsThe artisanZeitgeistSailsNo spam hereFrom the mud and the water she rose in the fogShe has lost her dreamsWho is it watching motionless?Simply redGreen in the street"Acqua alta"In the salinasYellow in the streetIs he getting across the sea?Abandoned dreamsBluring VeniceOne is missingAutumn in the citySpicesStasisLanding on an alien groundSleeping in the garden of my dreamsAs far as my glance can arriveStones and boatsFrom a window trainGute Nacht Doktor FreudDo not parking over the crowdAlways Coca ColaColours in SopotHabitual journeyColours and flowerDro(o)psTranscendentalTone on toneCatalinaWho lives and who diedWasted wordsIt's long the way that leads you at homeSeeding the cloudsOn the hills [colour version]On the hillsMorning in BuranoColours after the rainDancing after the rainTwo glasses along the canalJulyIn the countrysideBe careful to the flowersYou and the night and the musicBrothersHe's gonna eat you!Two of us, in front of the infiniteA dutiful tribute: Esbjorn Svensson 16/04/64 - 14/06/08Suggestions and traditionDinosaurSimply ruralCutting water with lightThe bike and the seaPattern of lightTeardropsA glance beyond the mountainSo slowly goes the nightBlood of May / Red solitudeRome, flights over the CampidoglioRome,  the forbidden beautyRome, light vibrationsRome, when the stones dreamStem toward blueThe sky's gone outGeometrical progressionWineshops formerly "Schiavi"Bolt, beam and coloursUrban planesThe safety in the fogA red giftSilentCar and cloudsOur dark moodThe magical shorePascal's solar reflectionThe red violinistFour steps in St. Mark's squareAt the borders of the empireOpposite directionsMicrocosmosWhen the sun is falling down, the thought goes to the dawnLio PiccoloLove and pixelsBasketball at the end of the worldBlack and snowYellow on redSolitudeThe road toward the horizonRowing in solitudeMosaic of memoriesGetting lost between white and blueWhen the world is runningGoing downtownEyes of a maskThe frozen leafWhen the sun explores hidden cornersFaraway so close"Am I enough cool for you?"The magic kingdom of the mistSerial shadeUh la là!ReflectionsWelcome in the hidden gardenBagno GiorgioBehind the curtainAndy Warhol's dreamBewildermentLost soulsOverlookingOn the Grand CanalSquares and stripesContinuumAt the mooringThese branches which yearn for lifePonte DanteDuring the nightThe homecomingFlowingThe nonconformistNovemberThe stairs behind the cloudsInnocenceSan Polo 2757, VeniceA bike is waiting forFrrrr, what are you searching for?Simplicity / ComplexityProcuratieRead the message!LibertyTriesteMinimal blueSixtysevenFour windowsFour tonesConnectionsWings on the lakeBetween dark and lightDon't stand so close to meBridge and fogAlong the diagonalInside a balloonWalking between earth and skyYesterday evening skyHeadsNo wine on tuesdayYellow, red and blueSkatingWould you like a sweet?Watching me from over the bridgePersonal mountainsK lineEn plein airUnexpexted perspectiveFriuliEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-North #2Broken reflectionThrough buildingsDrummingSpanish heatMr. Procol Harum"... above us only sky"Hey man!Surprise!Mi & CiLooking up / flying awayArt and ghostsEmpty spacesHasta la revolution siempreLive with optimismA shade doesn't tear usKraut-rock?Old stonesWild horsesSilver morningPoppies & poplar seedsModern forestDevotion #2April(They walk in) silenceRed 'n' blueQuiet along the riverAmong two "rio"Sails and horizonsLost in an other VeniceWalk in my footstepsFrom the hillConvergent beamsNight passagePrisonerWhere earth and sea meetFebruaryIn an upside down realityIndustrial wane?Among the vineyardsSearching for light103Stat rosaSoftly, as in a morning sunrise (*)Like in a Japanese printRectanglesA blade of lightWith dreamy eyesSignsAuroraA postcard from VeniceAfter music has goneDynamic progressionDas Haas HausMy mind is on that planeVenice in black, white and blueA path to nowhereNobody at the parkIndustrial zenSunset in the fogFriendsDolphins in the skyKenny's handsCroda RossaCorners (a day in Burano #3)Venetian compositionWhy these men on the wallComposition #3Town with no cheer Urban cornerLiquid dimension (another version)Liquid dimensionA day in Burano #2WatercolourMy son's glanceA day in Burano #1fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der AutobahnInside the bricksRed 'n' greenBuilding cloudsMiles &Posing (but not for me!)In front of a mythPassing byThe masters of the VillaTuscany in summerComposition #2In the blue hourTwo steps outdoorsComposition #1Enrico RavaBottlesLow clouds in the eveningIn the lagoonJuneInto the labyrinthIn a leaden dayLives insideThe skies over AmazoniaDesign patternsThe palace on waterThe man from SarajevoQuiet of lightsBuoy #2DevotionLevelsColours on sandWho lived here?Sky in a pipeAn old treeBuoy #1Waves80 metersFishing netsPastoral calmFusina in the fogInsp. Harry CallahanFourSharpenedWater at sunsetHung upStraight linesThe field, the skyWhile I was listening to GurdjieffUrban ghost in the sunA presenceCrimson skyWinterLake in DecemberGolden cloudAfter you have goneLeonardo, what have you done? #3Pathways of lightWhat is he thinking about?Minimal snowAutumn sentriesWalking on airFour leavesEscapedOld livesParisian reflectionsLeonardo, what have you done? #2Like floating on waterBreathing jazz16/10/1943Leonardo, what have you done? #1Stone face #3Under the Kaszubian sunHistory passes over stonesGiudeccaSteelwaterFence and grassSea clouds at dawnStone face #2 (dreaming)Playing for the angelMistyStone face #1A storm is comingKind of blueShade / LightEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-NorthBehind the blue door