FlyingDouble skyWhen the evening fallsSalty sunsetLosing in myselfCross and churchFalling into infinityStars and stripesGoldPursuing starsPlanetsA storm is comingOnly a simple sunsetTotemBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldLiving in the skyThe sky over my townDouble lightMoon & JupiterOpen Sesame!StasisAs far as my glance can arriveTone on toneSeeding the cloudsTwo of us, in front of the infiniteThe sky's gone outCar and cloudsThese branches which yearn for lifeThe nonconformistThe stairs behind the cloudsYesterday evening skyEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-North #2Broken reflection"... above us only sky"Softly, as in a morning sunrise (*)A blade of lightSignsMy mind is on that planeCroda Rossafahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der AutobahnBuilding cloudsLow clouds in the eveningThe skies over AmazoniaCrimson skyGolden cloudPathways of lightWalking on airA storm is coming