Superimposed reflectionsIn shadesGreen and blue (and yellow)La vie est belleMandala manMInimal BuranoThe last rideYellow and blueMetaphysical viewsDouble skyAnglesNightly enchantmentChildren and the dolphinWhite and blueThe melody at night, with youSicilyNew dawnTwoDreamlandFalling into infinityLiving in light #2A new dawn is comingThe revenge of boredomA window on the blueFlaming blueAnother day in paradisePassing byFollowing the trail to homeLandingplace to the blueGlancesPrimary4 + 4TiesWithin the realm of a dying sunWalking in red and blueLeaving TriesteGods' mirrorCascadeDriving your dreamsMinimal blueTotemIt's for you, my dearBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldWhen the moon passes behind the treesThe angel and the boatAfter the fireRed, orange and blueNight in front of St. GiorgioWatch me but don't touch meYellowThe sky over my townDouble lightOpen Sesame!No fishingPower spotsIn the salinasAutumn in the cityStones and boatsColours in SopotColours and flowerTranscendentalCatalinaSeeding the cloudsBe careful to the flowersStem toward blueBolt, beam and coloursCar and cloudsWelcome in the hidden gardenThe stairs behind the cloudsSimplicity / ComplexityLibertyMinimal blueInside a balloonWalking between earth and skyYesterday evening skyYellow, red and blueK lineBroken reflectionRed 'n' bluePrisonerSignsVenice in black, white and blueCorners (a day in Burano #3)Composition #3Liquid dimension (another version)In the blue hourIn the lagoonSky in a pipePathways of lightKind of blueBehind the blue door