SilenceLights of festivityWhat are they looking at?Autumnal lacesPower spotsThe artisanZeitgeistSailsNo spam hereFrom the mud and the water she rose in the fogShe has lost her dreamsWho is it watching motionless?Simply redGreen in the street"Acqua alta"In the salinasYellow in the streetIs he getting across the sea?Abandoned dreamsBluring VeniceOne is missingAutumn in the citySpicesStasisLanding on an alien groundSleeping in the garden of my dreamsAs far as my glance can arriveStones and boatsFrom a window trainGute Nacht Doktor FreudDo not parking over the crowdAlways Coca ColaColours in SopotHabitual journeyColours and flowerDro(o)psTranscendentalTone on toneCatalinaWho lives and who diedWasted wordsIt's long the way that leads you at homeSeeding the cloudsOn the hills [colour version]On the hillsMorning in BuranoColours after the rainDancing after the rainTwo glasses along the canalJulyIn the countrysideBe careful to the flowersYou and the night and the musicBrothersHe's gonna eat you!Two of us, in front of the infiniteA dutiful tribute: Esbjorn Svensson 16/04/64 - 14/06/08Suggestions and traditionDinosaurSimply ruralCutting water with lightThe bike and the seaPattern of lightTeardropsA glance beyond the mountainSo slowly goes the nightBlood of May / Red solitudeRome, flights over the CampidoglioRome,  the forbidden beautyRome, light vibrationsRome, when the stones dreamStem toward blueThe sky's gone outGeometrical progressionWineshops formerly "Schiavi"Bolt, beam and coloursUrban planesThe safety in the fogA red giftSilentCar and cloudsOur dark moodThe magical shorePascal's solar reflectionThe red violinistFour steps in St. Mark's squareAt the borders of the empireOpposite directionsMicrocosmosWhen the sun is falling down, the thought goes to the dawnLio PiccoloLove and pixelsBasketball at the end of the worldBlack and snowYellow on redSolitudeThe road toward the horizonRowing in solitudeMosaic of memoriesGetting lost between white and blueWhen the world is runningGoing downtownEyes of a maskThe frozen leafWhen the sun explores hidden cornersFaraway so close"Am I enough cool for you?"The magic kingdom of the mistSerial shadeUh la là!ReflectionsWelcome in the hidden gardenBagno GiorgioBehind the curtain