The green doorDouble skySalty sunset (2)Beauty in your eyesThe melody at night, with youHome sweet homeBeyond other (infinite) seasWelcome in my little green worldOver a reflected worldChurch reflectionOnly a simple sunsetWater and snowWithin the realm of a dying sunBrent de l'Art #3 (in autumn)Brent de l'Art #2QuietnessFog in the sunsetWatch me but don't touch meπάντα ῥεῖDilutionAbstract time...Snow and waterGreen in the street"Acqua alta"Dro(o)psCutting water with lightTeardropsPascal's solar reflectionMicrocosmosReflectionsLost soulsSilver morningWhere earth and sea meetLike in a Japanese printRectanglesSignsWatercolourIn the lagoonThe palace on waterQuiet of lightsWater at sunsetWhile I was listening to GurdjieffFour leavesSteelwaterEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-North