LightningCalifornia dreamingGoing to schoolEntering in lightDown the stairs of the MourariaCobblestone streetThe touristsReservoir Dogs in MateraDialogueGoing downstairTheme with variationsBackground noiseLiving stonesThe man with the umbrellaThe red umbrellaConvolutionsLooking for the lightBedGlanceGimme shelterPassing byWalking between stones and cloudsErtoSeven blue boatsStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Via della lunaWalking behind the mirror2 x 5Lost routeGreen in the streetSo slowly goes the nightFour steps in St. Mark's squareOpposite directionsGoing downtownFrrrr, what are you searching for?Read the message!Between dark and lightSurprise!A shade doesn't tear us(They walk in) silenceLost in an other VeniceWalk in my footstepsIn an upside down realitySearching for lightA path to nowherePassing byTwo steps outdoorsLow clouds in the eveningFourAutumn sentriesShade / Light