Last sun on Rocca CalascioEasy sunsetWinterFlamesThe shrubFew minutes before the desireSalty sunset (2)Beauty in your eyesThe melody at night, with youThe treeLights of LubeniceWhen the evening fallsSalty sunsetIn the sunsetAsolo sweetnessA sunsetAfter the fightLosing in myselfSweetnessIn eight minutesWood, water and stonesGoldWhere Pelmo goes to sleepOn the frosty lakeOnly a simple sunsetThe immobile momentWithin the realm of a dying sunBarcolana in the sunsetLeaving TriesteFog in the sunsetBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldFloating on a golden seaDawn of springOn the hillSnow and waterSeeding the cloudsWhen the sun is falling down, the thought goes to the dawn"... above us only sky"Industrial wane?A postcard from VeniceMy mind is on that planeSunset in the fogCroda RossaLow clouds in the eveningIn the lagoonWater at sunsetCrimson skyGolden cloudPathways of light