The fightRunning away from myselfEmpty gamesBecause the night...Yet another day without youDon't runTheme with variationsStationsHypnoticBackground noiseMomentsEvanescentConvolutionsVenice Carnival 2014Living in light #2Living in lightVenetian interiorA fire in the forestSnakeBasket insideWelcome in my little green worldPassing byBurano movingFollowing the trail to homeOver a reflected worldWalking in red and blueGhostsEndless waves Pursued by an odd presageStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Framed bridgeHe plays with all his fireVibrationsπάντα ῥεῖRome, flights over the CampidoglioRome, light vibrationsWhen the world is runningContinuumFlowingConnectionsDrummingArt and ghosts(They walk in) silenceNight passageDynamic progressionKenny's handsPassing byLevelsWaves