MInimal BuranoAmerica is waitingGo aheadVoid around meAnglesStationsDeprivationThree tonesHypnoticBeyond other (infinite) seasIndustrial zenOrangeTwoCross and churchThe revenge of boredomRevolutionSunnyFollowing the trail to homeWaveThe immobile momentLanding on a coloured planetCascadeEndless waves XMinimal blueEncountersIt's only the seaRed, orange and blueThe wind sang to me its songFreely flyingAirMoon & JupiterLights of festivityStasisLanding on an alien groundBrothersTwo of us, in front of the infiniteCutting water with lightThe sky's gone outGeometrical progressionUrban planesBlack and snowYellow on redRowing in solitudeThe magic kingdom of the mistLost soulsSquares and stripesMinimal blueFour windowsAlong the diagonalK lineBroken reflectionSilver morningLike in a Japanese printSignsAfter music has goneComposition #1Design patternsWhile I was listening to GurdjieffMinimal snowSteelwater