LightningCalifornia dreamingAt the end of the partyThere will be no miracles hereGo aheadTime stratificationsSummer endAn exitGoing downstairYet another day without youDon't runCrowdWhen a lovestory endsLiving stonesBeyond other (infinite) seasColours insideBlindVoidCross and churchBedA ship in black seaTruman's escapeRevolutionBefore the fightTiesInterrupted conversationsCascadeFriendshipRose of libertySymbolsEncountersThe sound of our voidSoul jailThinking about past and next stormsWithout a precise referenceLabyrinth of shadesArt and emptinessRed in the streetCommon relativityThe wind sang to me its songThe bird and the netsA broken lifeBeehiveIn her own deep secretThe gentle side of lifeOn the hillShe has lost her dreamsAbandoned dreamsDo not parking over the crowdWasted wordsIt's long the way that leads you at homeTwo of us, in front of the infiniteRome,  the forbidden beautyThe safety in the fogOur dark moodOpposite directionsBasketball at the end of the worldSolitudeEyes of a maskFaraway so closeAndy Warhol's dreamBewildermentAt the mooringThese branches which yearn for lifeThe nonconformistSan Polo 2757, VeniceLooking up / flying awayModern forestSails and horizonsWalk in my footstepsPrisonerIndustrial wane?Stat rosaLike in a Japanese printMy mind is on that planeA path to nowhereDolphins in the skyTown with no cheer Liquid dimension (another version)Liquid dimensionInto the labyrinthA presenceWinterAfter you have goneEscapedOld lives16/10/1943History passes over stonesShade / Light