NocturneLast sun on Rocca CalascioEntering in lightAt the beginning of any morningAnglesMoonrise over Pale di San MartinoSuddenlySignalsLiving in light #2SnakeGoldThe construction of lightSunnyRainbow over MondevalFrom the darkThe sun among the peaksSunrise at Alpe di FanesThe immobile momentThe sunbeam gameOne minute after darkWalking in red and blueBarcolana in the sunsetLeaving TriesteBrent de l'Art #1EncountersThree shadowsFloating on a golden seaDouble lightLights of festivityCatalinaTwo glasses along the canalBrothersCutting water with lightSo slowly goes the nightRome, light vibrationsThe magical shoreWhen the sun is falling down, the thought goes to the dawnWhen the sun explores hidden cornersReflectionsBehind the curtainOn the Grand CanalContinuumWalking between earth and skyLooking up / flying awayNight passageAmong the vineyardsSearching for lightA blade of lightA postcard from VeniceNobody at the parkComposition #3Composition #2In the blue hourComposition #1Low clouds in the eveningQuiet of lightsWater at sunsetWhile I was listening to GurdjieffCrimson skyUnder the Kaszubian sunShade / LightBehind the blue door