Clouds and dreamsCalifornia dreamingEmpty gamesSuddenlyFortress in the fogDream all the dreams you can dreamSelf portraitFog in the canalDreamed shipMood indigoA fire in the forestI'm only waiting till the morning comesWhere Pelmo goes to sleepThe secret little icy lakeLandingplace to the blueA starry night over Monte Pelmo #2A starry night over Monte PelmoDriving your dreamsFly me to the moonLooking in his reflectionEncountersPursued by an odd presageNo wind among the trees #2When the moon passes behind the treesFloating on a golden seaIn the magic of the forestIn the branchesStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Living in the skyLabyrinth of shadesNight in front of St. GiorgioThe wind sang to me its songThe mask and the mirrorAbstract time...She has lost her dreamsAbandoned dreamsSleeping in the garden of my dreamsRome, flights over the CampidoglioRome, when the stones dreamInnocenceWalking between earth and skyWith dreamy eyesMy mind is on that planeDolphins in the skyStone face #2 (dreaming)