CinemaMandala manCalifornia dreamingThe last rideSilent screamMais amor por favorAnglesDeprivationShadows compositionFirst of MayWhen a lovestory endsTotem poleGlanceSratchesSome kind of flowersThe smiling onionAgeLooking through the eyes of a maskTiesInterrupted conversationsAmerican dreamTone on toneXMinimal blueIt's for you, my dearFisherman's reposeStill lifeThe angel and the boatAfter the fireLabyrinth of shadesWatch me but don't touch meMood indigoVibrationsLife under iceLights of festivityPower spotsNo spam hereLanding on an alien groundAlways Coca ColaColours and flowerTwo glasses along the canalHe's gonna eat you!Cutting water with lightTeardropsStem toward blueBolt, beam and coloursCar and cloudsMicrocosmosLove and pixelsYellow on redThe frozen leafBagno GiorgioTriesteMinimal blueSixtysevenFour tonesHeadsNo wine on tuesdayWould you like a sweet?Broken reflectionDevotion #2Convergent beamsPrisonerAfter music has goneDas Haas HausKenny's handsUrban cornerRed 'n' greenBottlesDevotionSky in a pipeAn old treeFour leaves16/10/1943Stone face #3Fence and grassStone face #2 (dreaming)Stone face #1