Water and snowI'll be your mirrorPiereto and his worldInside the windowWithin the realm of a dying sunThe sunbeam gameOne minute after darkBrent de l'Art #3 (in autumn)Interrupted conversationsAmerican dreamIndustrial zenOn timeBarcolana in the sunsetThe bike and the shipUrban nightmareFrom the topSaturday readerLeaving TriesteLanding on a coloured planetClosedGods' mirrorA special placeLiving slowlyCascadeGhostsDriving your dreamsMiaowwEndless waves Tone on toneBrent de l'Art #2Fly me to the moonXLooking in his reflectionBrent de l'Art #1SaraMinimal blueNumber 49Sassolungo di CibianaTotemFriendshipOld stepsWhen the music turns aroundDiagonalRose of libertySymbolsEncountersHer eyesThree shadowsQuietnessWhite on yellowGlamorous fuchsiaFog in the sunsetIt's for you, my dearComplicityBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldOutlinesThe last maskTwinsNicoleColours in winterThe sound of our voidPursued by an odd presageNo wind among the trees #2No wind among the treesSoul jailWindow and treeThinking about past and next stormsHigh over the valley