Andy Warhol's dreamBewildermentLost soulsOverlookingOn the Grand CanalSquares and stripesContinuumAt the mooringThese branches which yearn for lifePonte DanteDuring the nightThe homecomingFlowingThe nonconformistNovemberThe stairs behind the cloudsInnocenceSan Polo 2757, VeniceA bike is waiting forFrrrr, what are you searching for?Simplicity / ComplexityProcuratieRead the message!LibertyTriesteMinimal blueSixtysevenFour windowsFour tonesConnectionsWings on the lakeBetween dark and lightDon't stand so close to meBridge and fogAlong the diagonalInside a balloonWalking between earth and skyYesterday evening skyHeadsNo wine on tuesdayYellow, red and blueSkatingWould you like a sweet?Watching me from over the bridgePersonal mountainsK lineEn plein airUnexpexted perspectiveFriuliEarly morning in Venice Lagoon-North #2Broken reflectionThrough buildingsDrummingSpanish heatMr. Procol Harum"... above us only sky"Hey man!Surprise!Mi & CiLooking up / flying awayArt and ghostsEmpty spacesHasta la revolution siempreLive with optimismA shade doesn't tear usKraut-rock?Old stonesWild horsesSilver morningPoppies & poplar seedsModern forestDevotion #2April(They walk in) silenceRed 'n' blueQuiet along the riverAmong two "rio"Sails and horizonsLost in an other VeniceWalk in my footstepsFrom the hillConvergent beamsNight passagePrisonerWhere earth and sea meetFebruaryIn an upside down realityIndustrial wane?Among the vineyardsSearching for light103Stat rosaSoftly, as in a morning sunrise (*)Like in a Japanese printRectanglesA blade of light