SheratonFisherman's reposeRiver in the snowSexy snowIt's only the seaStill lifeWhen the moon passes behind the treesFloating on a golden seaIn the magic of the forestThe angel and the boatVajontAfter the fireSeven blue boatsIn the branchesStanding still while their thoughts are walking...Without a precise referenceFramed bridgeWalking among the archesAutumn coloursLiving in the skyLove bugsLabyrinth of shadesSmileVia della lunaArt and emptinessRed, orange and blueRed in the streetNight in front of St. GiorgioWatch me but don't touch meUnder the stars of jazzChapeau, monsieur ConteFollow meThe pirates of the coastCommon relativityThe wind sang to me its songFishing cabinMood indigoThe queen of fadoHe plays with all his fireThe bird and the netsA broken lifeYellowWalking behind the mirrorWaiting for summerInside the cloudsBeehiveSome secret corners2 x 5JazzyVibrationsFreely flyingThe sky over my townLike graphic signsTaking a healthy breath of air πάντα ῥεῖEyesKatharina's tulipsIn her own deep secretWreackageFishing nets #2Nobody comes here to keep us company *A safe harbourThe gentle side of lifeDawn of springAirOn the hillDouble lightOld woodDilutionAloneMoon & JupiterThe mask and the mirrorNothing around themOld stony cornerLife under iceAnother four leavesAbstract time...Stones and iron (and a little piece of sky)Open Sesame!No fishingThe end of civilizationRaise up your eyesPink in the streetThree green doors and one black carLost routeGiant's gapSnow and water