The fightAlienSuddenlyShadows compositionHome sweet homeShapes of lifeFallOrangeThe lone treeBranches and leafWelcome in my little green worldThe smiling onionAgeWithin the realm of a dying sunLiving slowlyTone on toneFriendshipRose of libertyIt's for you, my dearBeing like a tree in front of a sky coming from another worldThinking about past and next stormsWhen the moon passes behind the treesIn the magic of the forestAfter the fireIn the branchesLove bugsWatch me but don't touch meFollow meThe wind sang to me its songThe bird and the netsA broken lifeπάντα ῥεῖKatharina's tulipsIn her own deep secretWreackageThe gentle side of lifeOld woodAloneLife under iceAnother four leavesNo fishingLost routeSnow and waterSilenceWhat are they looking at?Autumnal lacesSimply redStones and boatsDinosaurTeardropsBlood of May / Red solitudeBolt, beam and coloursA red giftPascal's solar reflectionFour steps in St. Mark's squareMicrocosmosWhen the sun is falling down, the thought goes to the dawnBlack and snowWhen the world is runningThe frozen leafBehind the curtainBewildermentLost soulsThese branches which yearn for lifeThe nonconformistNovemberFour tonesHeadsMi & CiWild horsesSilver morningPoppies & poplar seedsQuiet along the riverWalk in my footstepsWhere earth and sea meetStat rosaLike in a Japanese printSignsA path to nowhereNobody at the parkFriendsWatercolourAn old treeHung upA presenceAutumn sentriesFour leaves