With dreamy eyesSignsAuroraA postcard from VeniceAfter music has goneDynamic progressionDas Haas HausMy mind is on that planeVenice in black, white and blueA path to nowhereNobody at the parkIndustrial zenSunset in the fogFriendsDolphins in the skyKenny's handsCroda RossaCorners (a day in Burano #3)Venetian compositionWhy these men on the wallComposition #3Town with no cheer Urban cornerLiquid dimension (another version)Liquid dimensionA day in Burano #2WatercolourMy son's glanceA day in Burano #1fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der AutobahnInside the bricksRed 'n' greenBuilding cloudsMiles &Posing (but not for me!)In front of a mythPassing byThe masters of the VillaTuscany in summerComposition #2In the blue hourTwo steps outdoorsComposition #1Enrico RavaBottlesLow clouds in the eveningIn the lagoonJuneInto the labyrinthIn a leaden dayLives insideThe skies over AmazoniaDesign patternsThe palace on waterThe man from SarajevoQuiet of lightsBuoy #2DevotionLevelsColours on sandWho lived here?Sky in a pipeAn old treeBuoy #1Waves80 metersFishing netsPastoral calmFusina in the fogInsp. Harry CallahanFourSharpenedWater at sunsetHung upStraight linesThe field, the skyWhile I was listening to GurdjieffUrban ghost in the sunA presenceCrimson sky